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 Quality leather.

What is quality Leather?
According to what criteria?
By whom is the quality assessed?  

These are not simple quesions to answer.
In additon to the
fundametal suitability of the hides, from which leather is
produced, there are end-use factors, for the lover of
leather to consider. 

The durability of a leather jacket is not indicative of its
quality per se, even if that is a highly desirable
attribute.  Thickness in combination with a suitable

finishing layer--even if it does look beautiful--blocks the pores. This prevents the leather from breathing properly, and thus makes the jacket unpleasant to wear. Waterproofed leather is necessary for winter shoes. We use water repellents, and polyurethane binders for the finish. 

In production, we use up-to-date technology and fabrication methods. Nevertheless, without our highly qualified and educated staff, our leather would be no more lovely, than the leather that comes from the traditonal craft workers of China, India and Pakistan. Traditional craft skills alone, are simply insufficient for the reliable produciton of quality and affordable leather. Lovely leather that is fit to meet the demands of the fashion and cost conscious consumer, of the 21st century. 

During the primary processing stages, the leather acquires the  desirable properties of a first class product. Insufficient and/or inexpert processing creates a second-class product. A second class product that too often masquerades as a first class product, under the camouflage of a fashion trend and superficially impressive finishing touches. Fur covers many a blemish. Upon completion, our technicians employ a variety of specialised machines to check for light fastness, finish adhesion, tensile and tear strength, rub fastness, perspiration fastness, water spotting, flexural strength. If they cannot verify the features they are looking for, they modify the processing until a satisfactory outcome has been achieved.

Wear leather. Look elegantly LeatherLovely, in lovely

 Bilgin UZUM

Leather Engineer - LeatherLovely Owner

Specially thanks for Charles Smyth


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